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Virus Removal – $100 - Technician will; clean the inside of the computer, run a full hardware diagnostic, remove virus traces, attempt to repair the operating system, remove programs effecting the computer performance, optimize the startup, install all windows updates, install any missing drivers & update existing antivirus program. Will perform re-installation of operating system upon request or if will call for permission to re-install operating system if operating system can’t be repaired.

Hardware Diagnostic – $35 - Technician will test the functionality of the computer; motherboard, processor, RAM, hard drive, optical drives.

Hardware Install – $20 - Technician will remove old hardware, install new hardware supplied by the client, verify functionality & install drivers.

Motherboard Install (Desktop Only) – $50 - Technician will remove current motherboard, clean the inside of the computer, install new motherboard & install drivers.

Power Supply Install (Desktop Only) – $30 - Technician will remove old power supply, clean the inside of the computer, install new power supply & verify the computer posts.

Operating System Install – $50 - Technician will install the supplied operating system onto a functioning computer. Installs done without hardware diagnostics or operating systems restored from a recovery partition of a computer with a virus will only be done upon request and will not have a warranty.

Software Install – $10 - Technician will Install software or suite onto the system, setup basic settings and run updates. Get 50% off installs after the first 3.

Data Backup – $50 - Technician will back up only the data specified to DVD up to 2 DVD’s. Backups that are too large for 2 DVD’s will require a backup to an external hard drive which must be supplied by the client or purchased at pickup.

Customer Build Computer – $100 - Technician will assemble computer components and install operating system provided by the client. Technician will install all drivers, install windows updates and optimize the operating system. Technician will contact the client if additional parts are needed. JD’s Techie Service can locate purchase and install any additional parts needed for the cost of the parts plus the personal shopper service fee.

New PC Configuration – $50 - Technician will take the new PC out of the box, plug in and organize the cords, setup the operating system and will install and antivirus software.

Wireless Router Setup – $50 - Technician will connect the wireless router to a broadband connection and configure the network name and security password. Will connect one device to the router with a wired connection and one wireless device to the wireless network. Will connect additional devices for a service fee of $20 each.

Tech Personal Shopper – $50 - Technician will work with you to find out your personal technology needs and help you find the best solution to meet your needs.

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