About Us

Say goodbye to that virus! Get your computer or laptop working the way you want it to. 

If you’re having problems with your computer or laptop and you don’t want to pay too much to get it fixed call JD’s Techie Service! We keep a much more personal touch for the computer repair process. We will pick it up, fix it and bring it back to you! No more wasting time going to the repair shop. Most computers fixed within 48 hours.

Does your computer have an obvious virus or seem to be running slower these days? Viruses & Malware are the number one cause of computers not running properly. The most common cause is not longer from visiting sites our parents would not like us to. Most virus & malware issues come from shared download clients and from social networking sites. JD's Techie Service offers an in-depth virus removal service including a hardware diagnostic!

Have an old computer sitting around that you would like to be able to use for something other than a paper weight? We offer computer hardware installations, software installations & system tune ups.

Maybe you would like to get those pictures that were on it before it stopped working? JD's Techie Service offers data backup solutions to save data from a computer that will no longer boot* and put it onto an external hard drive or burn the information onto discs**.

Get that wireless network secured so your neighbors will no longer take advantage of your internet connection and more importantly so you can protect your personal information from being stolen. Connect all the wireless devices you have all over your home and utilize their full potential.

Ever gone to the store and looked at the the computers and found one that would have been perfect if it just had just one more thing, or felt like you had to spend too much just to be able to do the one feature you want to? Get a computer cutom built just for you! We can work with you to help deturnmine what you need and show you what what will be needed to make your perfect computer.

JD’s Techie Service can also serve as your technology personal shopper. It’s not always easy or convenient to go to an electronics store and get the answers you need or find the right product that fit for you. We will take the time to get to know you to help you find the best technology solution for your needs. We can even srtup your new computer at your home. 

*This is not a data recovery service, JD's Techie Service can only perform data backup services  functioning hard drives.

**Subject to data backup size limitations. See Services for more details.